Friday, April 29, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Trailer

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes out in July and I can't wait! Looks like some incredible set design and visual effects. And Johnny Depp. The song in the trailer is really annoying. I think you'll agree.


Blur - Good Song

This video wins for one of the most bizarre animated videos ever. It's the story of some sort of a creature who falls in love with a squirrel, who accidently eats the creature's head. It only get's weirder from there. It's pretty funny.

This is all animated with a hand-drawn style and is in black and white. (It's 4.2 MB, but seems very, very slow to download. You just can't miss the end with the leaf blower.)

The video a collaboration by Shynola and David Shrigley.

I watched it and I was so captivated by the odd story playing on screen that I didn't realize it was Blur, one of my old favorite bands.

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Liam Lynch

Jen's brother, Liam, made uncle liama fun little song and video called The Uncle Liam Show, Part 2 for Jen's son, Arlo.

While you're in Jenville, check out Arlo's Song, which I actually like better. Lots of simple, yet cool animations... lots of keying too. Every tot should have their own theme song. (Warning: Arlo's Song is an earworm!)

Liam's other work includes Sifl and Olly Show for MTV and the internet classic United States of Whatever, which was declared to be the Greatest Single of 2002.

Entertainment for those with short attention spans... like me.


Saturday, April 23, 2005


Check out the Latest Reel from CA-SQUARE. I wish their sample was a bit larger, but there's some really nice work there.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005


warhammerThis one came from Alicia VanHulen at Postworks, who did not work on this project, by the way. She says, "disclaimer: normally i don't listen to this sort of rottweiler music. especially for more than ten minutes. but this video here, "warhammer", has some pretty interesting AE work in it as well as some political...themes. and this woman sounds like a freaking demon. no kidding."

You've been warned. Watch the video.


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