Monday, March 20, 2006

Apple iPod - 1000 Songs Ad

iTunes 1000 SongsApple has a very cool new spot called '1000 Songs'. It features CD covers whizzing though the air and assembling into a a vast urban 3D skyline, then funnel into an iPod Nano. It features the song 'Cubicle' by the French electronic duo Rinôçérôse.

There's been chatter on the AE List about how this was done. After Effects? I doubt it. They'd still be rendering. Haha. Just kidding. They could've done it in AE with loads of planning. The staggering number of layers and the quality of the images

If anyone has any info or would like to discuss it, you can hit our Expert Forum or add a comment below.

Update: The spot was directed, animated and edited by Logan.


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